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We recognise that citizens deliberations make for a better democracy. As such, we provide a background to engender these deliberations that will spur better governance.

Our Concerns

At Deliberations, our concerns cut across the following areas:

Australian Society

We concern ourselves with issues regarding Australian society. We are Australians, and we understand that for better democracy, we must understand our roots and origin. We explore the Australian culture, the Australian people or population, and indigenous Australia while considering long-term sustainability.


The Australian economy is mostly known as one of the most developed economic systems. The Australian economy is characterised by a large service sector, employable labour force, abundant natural resources and a low consuming population. We explore the status of the Australian economy. We also discuss the impact and ambits of behavioural economics. We focus on this theory that explains why a person makes a particular economic choice and how it affects the Australian economy.

Our Partners

Remains Responsible

Government + Business

Another area that we concern ourselves with at Deliberation is Government and Business. We recognise that the government is merely the representative of the people. In turn, it remains responsible for the people of Australia.
As such, we explore accountability issues by the government to the people during their tenure and through all their decisions. We also explore the rule of law. We focus on the ambits of this principle as established by A. v Dicey and how it applies to governance in Australian society.

We then explore the government’s role in society and the mechanisms through which the government discharges its responsibilities.

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Our environment is a significant part of our existence. If that wasn’t so certain some centuries or decades ago, that is not the case anymore. In recent times it has become crystal clear that our environment is an important part of our existence and our survival depends largely on the continued survival of the environment. In turn, we explore issues such as climate change and the myths associated with this phenomenon. We also explore issues related to energy use as it represents an aspect of our use of our environment. We then explore issues associated with land, water and biodiversity. We focus on creating a fertile ground for the protection of our environment.

Citizen Engagements

Democracy in Australia

Democracy is an integral aspect of Australian society. In turn, we explore these issues that characterise a democratic society. We pay attention to the characteristics of a democratic society. We also explore the idea of corruption and how it limits the principle of a democratic society. We also explore citizen engagements as an integral part of the democratic process. After all, it allows citizens to contribute directly to their governance. We also explore the concept of human rights as an integral concept of every democratic society while paying attention to its reality in Australia.

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